Tierany Griffin-Purdie
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My communications agency, Suite Spot Communications Boutique specializes in consulting, publicity and content services for urban creatives, bloggers and influencers. We work with our clients to establish and optimize brand identity, automate campaign execution, and define strategy effectiveness to create success and help find the "sweet spot" in your industry's landscape!

We are the game changers in reshaping perceptions, introducing new concepts, and amplifying business buzz – all while making it feel like a Saturday coffee date with girlfriends.

   This is where vision meets strategy. You got dreams? LET'S DO THIS! 


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I combine industry and media relationships to develop campaigns, story lines, and events that drive influencer engagement, positive media and connect you with opportunities that will elevate their brand reputation and visibility.


I create high-quality, professional collateral such as media kits, brand portfolios, and sponsorship proposals. I also specialize in valuable content products such as articles, blogs, web content, press releases, newsletters, creative writing, and E-Books.

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Vision support SUITE

This suite is designed to support a community of creatives and entrepreneurs who need a little help with identifying and serving their market’s needs. These services include (but not limited to): mentoring, strategic planning, relationship management, and event planning & coordination services.




Because we are a forward-thinking, boutique communications agency, we pride ourselves on being able to align your needs with targeted solutions that help you reach your goals. 

We promise to provide exceptional solutions that are easy to understand, execute and measure. We promise to always connect your brand communications to your business strategy and your customers. And we promise to transform the confusing and underwhelming into understanding and effective sweet spots. 


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Our amazing clients include: