Pictured: Tierany and her bestie, Caffeine

Hey there! 

My name is Tierany and I am a multi-passionate creative (You'll see what I mean in a bit.)

What I do: I'm an entrepreneur, publicist, writer, conversationalist, vision support coach, event hostess, philanthropist and the list keeps growing (See what I mean when I say "multi-passionate"?). Oh. and from time to time, I eat and sleep. 

Where I'm From: I'm a Carolina girl to the heart, which explains my southern accent, country twang, and my affinity to give out hugs and use the word "Y'all" in both professional and personal settings.

What I love: Anything southern fried, my wife and family, 80's & 90's R&B, Thrifting, lipstick, and playing my part in helping others walk in greatness and live out the life and business of their dreams.

Where To Reach Me:

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